Samstag, 26. Dezember 2009
5th Annual "Conference of Youth" Highlights Youth Call for Climate Action
Youth climate leaders from over 100 countries gathered
together for two packed days this weekend to learn, share, and plan how they will directly influence
the outcomes of the critical UN Climate Summit. They are calling for bold and immediate climate
leadership by their governments, to protect their future and the lives of future generations threatened
now by climate change.

Present at the summit in unprecedented numbers, youth are increasingly working together across
national boundaries to be an effective force for change within the global climate negotiations, and to
advocate for and implement climate solutions in their home countries. For the first time, youth are now
recognised as an official constituency within the negotiations.
“We are here in Copenhagen to make sure our governments deliver the fair, ambitious, binding deal
our future demands”, said 26 year old Anna Rose, Co-director of the Australian Youth Climate
Coalition, whose family farm has been decimated by drought. "Our destiny will not be written for us, it
will be written by us."

Sathya Balasubramaniam, a 22 year old youth delegate from India used the Conference of Youth to
learn about the summit and prepare for the weeks ahead. "I really enjoyed the session on how to use
a day at COP effectively," he said. "I learned how to stay focused on why we are here."
Reiko Ichimura, 28, from Japan has followed the growth of the International Youth Climate Movement
for the last three years. "We are building a very diverse movement," she said. "At the Conference of
Youth I met young people from other countries with some perspectives I never thought about before."
“We’re fighting for our very survival,” said Tinebeb Yohannes, a 24 year old from Ethiopia who
organized a 15,000 person march in Addis Ababa on the October 24th International Day of Climate
Action. “Science says that survival equals 350 ppm1. That means we need action now. Not next year,

During the UN Climate Summit, youth aim to make their voices heard in Copenhagen and beyond.
Youth-led actions, events, and presentations are planned for every day of the meetings. Email lists,
blogs, Facebook groups, and Twitter updates will keep youth in Copenhagen connected with their
peers outside the talks more than ever before.

For enquiries, or to schedule an interview with youth climate leaders from a specific country:
Matthew Carroll, +45 5010 3621, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For upcoming youth activities at COP-15, visit

For real-time media opportunity alerts during COP-15, text "MEDIA" to +4550103621.

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